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6 Month Baby Food Recipes in Hindi

6 month baby food recipes in hindi

6 Month Baby Food Recipes in Hindi All mothers know that when their child turns six months, he is ready to eat a completely solid diet. It is advisable for you to follow the three-day rule while starting a solid diet.

Indian food for the 6-month-old child – 6-month Bache food chart

6 Month Baby Food Recipes in Hindi

From the sixth month, give the baby solid food just like a supplement, and continue breastfeeding. Always free the virus before using the food utensil, you can also watch videos related to making the utensils free of viruses if you want. A solid meal of 90 ml can be given twice a day in each diet. When your child turns six months, this chart has been prepared for the Indian solid food given to him:

Indian solid food of six-month-old child (6th-month Bache food chart):

6 Month Food Recipes in hindi

First week:

Day 1 –
Start with a large spoon first (apple puree can be given as a meal first (it is also sweet), mother’s milk or cans milk can be added to dilute it)

two  two tablespoons of apple puree can be given twice a day.

Day three –
Now the quantity of apple puree can be increased to three tablespoons twice a day.

Fourth day – From
today it can also be started with some solid vegetables like carrots. In addition, carrot puree can also be given as a tablespoon once a day.

Day five – Increase the amount of
carrot puree to two tablespoons, twice a day.

Sixth day- From
today, three tablespoons of carrot puree can be given twice a day.

Day seven –
Now apple puree in the morning and carrot puree can be given in the evening.

second week :

By now, your child has become familiar with some other flavors besides milk, so you can start giving solid food twice a day. It is suggested to give something to a six-month-old child to eat at 11 o’clock in the day and 3 o’clock in the evening, but you can make changes according to your child’s preference. You can know the details of the recipe given in this chart by clicking on the link given below 6 Month Baby Food Recipes in Hindi.

The right time to give food can be

day 11 AM 3 pm
Monday Carrot puree Rice Soup / Oatmeal
Tuesday Rice Soup / Oatmeal Apple puree
Wednesday Joe’s water/porridge Rice Soup / Oatmeal
Thursday Potato puree Joe’s water/porridge
Friday Banana puree Potato puree
Saturday Rice puree  Banana puree
Sunday Potato puree Joe’s water/porridge

third week :

You can set the child’s eating time according to the earlier time according to which you can give solid food twice a day. Now you can start new grains, fruits, and vegetables this week for some new tastes. To know its recipe, you can click on the link given in the chart below.

day 11 AM 3 pm
Monday Apple puree Ragi porridge
Tuesday Barley porridge Carrot puree
Wednesday Pear puree rice gruel
Thursday Barley porridge Pear puree
Friday Sweet potato puree Apple puree
Saturday Pear puree Sweet potato puree
Sunday Potato puree Ragi porridge

Fourth week:

This week, you can add some new food items along with the baby’s favorite things. If a member in your family has such a problem that they cannot digest gluten or have any food-related allergies, you should talk to a doctor before giving your child cereal. To know the recipe, click on the link given below.

day 11 AM 3 pm
Monday Apple puree Mashed lentils
Tuesday Oats porridge Banana puree
Wednesday Avocado puree Ragi porridge
Thursday Mashed rice Avocado puree
Friday Gourd puree Mashed lentils
Saturday Oats porridge Gourd puree
Sunday  Avocado puree Joe’s porridge

Please note that the diet plan written here is not a stone streak, it is given only as a suggestion so that you can know when and how much to give to the child. The menu can be changed and changed according to the needs of the child. If your child does not as the food served to you, do not lose patience, and wait a bit before starting again. Remember that it is not necessary that your child finish the entire diet at once, some children are able to finish their entire diet for the next two months. Therefore, do not insist on giving full plate food 6 Month Baby Food Recipes in Hindi.

However, keep in mind the allergies caused by children eating. Initially, you cannot know whether your child is allergic to food or not, for this, you can follow the three-day rule. You can also find out the cause of indigestion caused by food to the child.

How to know if your child is allergic to any food?

If your child is not feeling sorry, then he may have any of these problems:

  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Vomiting
  • Body rash
  • Baby crying wildly (due to stomachache)

What can you do when the child is not having any food?

When the child is not getting any food, then stop giving it immediately, and after two months start that food again with the rule of three days.

You can also note a recipe for your baby’s favorite food and a description of the food you are allergic to.

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What to do if your child is allergic to food?

If your child is allergic to anything, then you stop giving it immediately and try to give it again after two months. Remember the rule of three days all the time…. Whether it is a situation of starting a new food or a situation of starting an old thing again. For your convenience, you can also start the “Baby Food Diary” in which you can note down the likes and dislikes of your beloved child and if you have allergies.

You can click on the link below for the recipe of food to be given to a six-month-old child….

For the chart of food given in the remaining month of the child, she can click here:

  • Seven-month baby food chart
  • Eight-month baby food chart
  • Nine-month baby food chart
  • Ten-month baby food chart
  • Eleven-month baby food chart
  • One year baby food chart

6 Month Food Recipes in hindi

To make your life even simpler, you can use our e-book of “Children’s First Fifty Meals”, which contains recipes and diet plans offered at every level to give solid food. You can download it for free from here

The information given here is prepared for informational purposes only and does not replace any kind of medical advice. You should consult the pediatrician for advice on feeding your child.

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