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North Indian Recipes in Hindi

Indian Recipes in Hindi

North Indian Recipes in Hindi for Dinner, North Indian Veg Recipes for Dinner

Often when we go out for dinner with our family, North Indian food is what we generally pick. It’s so good, it’s so comforting so easy to eat! There is something or the other thing for everyone. While youngsters enjoy lip-smacking appetizers, our parents enjoy mildly sweet subzis like methi mutter malai or spicy paneer tikka masala.

north indian recipes in hindi

When you have eaten with tandoori roti or tandoori naan and ended with a serving of jeera rice and dal tadka, you will surely have a sound sleep.

north indian recipes in hindi


North Indian Recipes for Dinner, Subzis

Punjabi subzis are heavy gravy preparations because of the abundant use of ghee or oil, cream or paneer, and other dairy products. In basic gravies like makhani gravy or paneer gravy, pasanda gravy, kadhai gravy simply toss some colorful vegetables or paneer to whip up an array of delectable subzis.

Also, you can add koftas with rich flavor and luscious texture and make tounge-tickling Punjabi subzis like Paneer Makhani, Malai Kofta, Saagwala Cheese Kofta, or Makai Kofta in Hariyali Curry. Go to your nearest grocery store and make these beautiful delights at home now.

north indian recipes in hindi


North Indian Recipes for Dinner, Rotis

Tandoor is a traditional aspect of Punjabi cuisine and used for cooking various flatbreads. Tandoori NaanTandoori roti, Kulchas can be relish with subzis or accompaniments like raita or achaar. We have recipes to make restaurant-style naan on a Tava and pressure cooker at home.

north indian recipes in hindi

Even the most simple subzi tastes delicious with these flatbreads. You can make varieties of naan like the butter garlic naanMasala Paneer Naan, or Nawabi naan. Savor North Indian dinner recipes like Makhani Paneer with Tandoori roti, Mutter Paneer Butter Masala with Punjabi Reshmi Paratha.

Punjabi Reshmi Paratha
Punjabi Reshmi Paratha

North Indian Dinner Recipes, Favorite combination

Ask a Punjabi his comfort food and the answer would surely be Chole Bhature, Rajma Chawal, or Dal Makhani and rice. These dals and beans are cooked in an onion-tomato gravy on a slow flame. Also, deep-fried Bhature with Chole is not only a popular breakfast but also, enjoyed for a hearty dinner.

Chole Bhature
Chole Bhature

In the winter season and you would see traditional preparations of Sarson ka saag being served with Makai ki Roti with a dollop of ghee or Paneer.

Paneer Makhanwala, Aloo paratha, Paneer Bhurji are some other North Indian veg recipes for dinner.

Enjoy our collection of North Indian Dinner Recipes. Given below are more Dinner Recipe articles you will enjoy. 

Happy Cooking!


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