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How to Make an Omelette in the Oven

Omelette in the Oven is a delicious and easy-to-prepare meal, and it is an ideal meal for dinner, especially if it is served with a dish of salad and is prepared by mixing eggs with vegetables such as tomatoes, flour, and meal, then put them in the oven or fry them in the pan, and we will know in the following lines how to prepare them.

Omelette in the Oven
Omelet in the Oven

How to make Omelette in the oven

the ingredients:

  • Four tablespoons of flour.
  • Four eggs, beaten slightly.
  • Half a medium-sized cauliflower.
  • Chopsticks of chopped green onions with leaves.
  • Half a cup of chopped green coriander.
  • Three to four tablespoons of melted obesity.
  • ¼ teaspoon of black pepper.
  • Teaspoon ground cumin.
  • A quarter of a teaspoon of ground coriander.
  • A teaspoon of baking powder.
  • Two teaspoons of salt.

How to prepare:

  1. Preheat the oven to 200 ° C, and place the mesh rack in the center.
  2. Bring small oven plates, grease them with ghee or oil, then set aside.
  3. Cut the broccoli into small pieces and set aside.
  4. Bring a medium bowl and put 4 cups of water in it.
  5. Add a spoon of cumin and 1 teaspoon of salt to the water, then put the pot over the heat and let it boil.
  6. Add cauliflower pieces to the pot of water and leave it until tender and soft.
  7. Filter cauliflower pieces of water put them in a deep dish, and break them into small pieces.
  8. Add green onions and green coriander to the cauliflower with salt, flour, pepper, cumin, baking powder, and scrambled eggs.
  9. Turn all of the above ingredients together, then distribute them over oven dishes.
  10. Spread approximately 1 teaspoon of melted ghee on the surface of each dish.
  11. Put omelet dishes in the oven and leave it for 12 minutes until the eggs have softened and the eggs stick together well.
  12. Serve hot with some tomato slices and pickles.
  13. You can bake omelets in the oven with a large dish of nine or ten inches and then cut them to the shapes you prefer.
  14. You can also add your favorite cheese to get a delicious dish.
  15. You can distribute the cheese slices over the omelet before inserting it into the oven.

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